Mining the Right Brain

What is white noise?

It is the tsunami of left brain words that pummel shoppers every moment.  The advertising industry thrives on left brain words – words that logically describe a product.  Each product category has their left brain words and the competition uses the words excessively.  These words are safe, because everyone uses them (so why shouldn’t you).  These left brain words are the foundation of “white noise”.  Left brain words are tired words.  They have worked for so long, shoppers just ignore them, because they heard it all before.

If you want to grow market share, you need to move the shopper.  You need to first move them attitudinally, then behaviorally.   To move a prospect you need to disrupt their current perception of your brand.  You need to communicate in an unexpected manner.  You need to get their attention.  Above all, you need to avoid the left brain words.  To do so, you need to mine the right brain.

Mining the right brain is not easy for most, because it requires rejecting the norm, the obvious, well-entrenched habits, and go deeper.  However, there is a simple group exercise to help you mine the right brain.   While simple it is challenging.

Mining can be used for everything from generating campaign ideas to designing individual channel assets.  All you need is a small group of people and a white board (or flip chart).  On one side of the board write the title “Left Brain”.  Have the group contribute every left brain or tired words they can think of tor he product category.  If you were doing the grocery category, words like “Fresh”, “Quality”, “Everyday Low Prices”,”BOGO”, “10 for 10”, just to name a few.  Continue to fill the board until you have an exhaustive list of words and phrases.

On the other side of the board write “Right Brain”.    On this side of the board brainstorm original words and phrases.   These words should be true to your brand and relevant to the shopper.  Really try not to use any words on the left side of the board (it will be challenging!).  As you proceed, you may uncover some more tired words.  If so, just add them to the left side of the board.

Seems simple right?  Try it.  It is a challenging exercise that will get your group to think different.  It will result in marketing that potentially can capture the shoppers’ attention and change their perception (move them attitudinally).


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