Welcome to my blog: Reading the Behavioral Tea Leaves.

The goal of this blog is to discuss the “why” behind shopper behaviors.  My belief is all shoppers are guided by a DNA of sorts – a natural impulse to shop in a preferred manner.  This DNA makes a shopper susceptible to some marketing tactics and immune to others.

Fundamentally, there is shopper DNA is in all of us.  I created a diagnostic tool called Buyhavior that isolates a shopper’s motivation (their DNA) based on past behavior.  The results from Buyhavior explain why a shopper behaves in a certain manner, and more importantly guide marketers in the best methods to convert them (for a basic description read Buyhavior Shopper DNA).

Reading the Behavioral Tea Leaves is about interpreting what is happening in the marketplace, and trying to make sense of these events through the lens the Shopper DNA.

Eric Bowe

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